Yellow Boy’s Polish Boys is a mobile food concession group founded in June 2011.

The concept of Yellow Boys started off as a joke! A friend and I were just like any other club goer leaving the club at 2 A.M. in search of food. Not appeased by any of the street food the city of Columbus had to offer, we found ourselves longing for a Cleveland-style restaurant that served more barbeque-style food. As we walked past a gyro street food cart, the bright idea came to me to purchase a food cart and sell the well-known sandwich from Cleveland called the Cleveland Polish Boy. The Cleveland Polish Boy is made up of a polish kielbasa, fries, coleslaw and topped with a homemade barbeque sauce. I decided to take the chance and purchase a food cart so local party goers could finally have a taste of Cleveland! 

When starting my business, my initial intent was to only serve to the late night party crowds only on the weekends, but in order to grow the business, I had to take on new challenges. I began affiliating myself with various local high schools and festivals within the city of Columbus and surrounding cities in hopes of establishing a local customer following for my food. In 2012, I was afforded the opportunity to work with Levy Restaurants and share my food concepts to The Ohio State University. Little did I know, that this would be one of the most rewarding opportunities for Yellow Boys. For the first few years, I ran my business as a one man operation, but working with Levy at The Ohio State University has allowed me to really establish a business model while hiring employees.

My mindset of operating a business is more than just earning a check, I now have the responsibility to make a difference in the community by offering local employment. As long as my team and I are able to use my brand to make an impact in the city, we would have fulfilled the Yellow Boys’ mission of being able to give back to the local community.     

What inspired you to start your company?

The inspiration behind the start of my company was the challenge of my family and friends not believing that I really wanted to buy a mobile food cart and sell food. I am not a chef, but I know how to make food that I personally enjoy well.  Due to their doubts, I was on a mission to prove my family and friends wrong. Once I began establishing my customer following, those who doubted began to see I was on to something great!

What is your favorite thing about being a local business in Columbus?

Aside from being able to provide local employment to Columbus residents, I enjoy that it exposes residents of Columbus to new food trends through the mobile food cart industry. Many places across the United States, especially, in California and New York, mobile food carts had been widespread across their cities, but was still an untapped market in Columbus. Most mobile food cart vendors in Columbus focused on the gyro sandwich.  Establishing Yellow Polish Boys was a chance to add some food diversity to the city of Columbus. 

What do you enjoy most about being part of the fan experience at Ohio State?

Being an Ohio State Alumni, unfortunately, I never had the chance to go to any of the sporting events. Since partnering with Levy, I have now been to more sporting events that my mind could handle. There’s no better feeling than servicing Buckeye fans on game day.  To be a part of the crowds that bleeds Scarlet & Gray, I’ve learned that Ohio State fans support their team like no other and we are truly die-hard fans!

Share one fun thing people may not know about your company.

A fun fact about Yellow Boys is that my company name derives from an ongoing family joke. When I was younger my mom dressed me in a bright yellow suit for a holiday event, and I absolutely hated it! This yellow suit event has been part of family discussions and taunts for YEARS!  While trying to create a company name, my family thought it would be a comical twist if I named my company Yellow Boys because of this monumental fashion faux pas. I resisted the name for a while, but eventually caved due to its creativity and the funny story that follows the name.