Bake Me Happy

At the end of the day, our name says it all. We do what we do to bake people happy—all people.

We’re often asked how we got started in the gluten-free business. The short answer is that within our own family we discovered an intolerance to gluten that necessitated a change in diet. The broader answer is that, because we personally know how it feels to require a not-quite-mainstream diet, we’re committed to making it easier for other gluten-free folks to enjoy delicious food that doesn’t separate them from their gluten-full friends and family.

For us, it’s not enough to make a passable gluten-free substitute; we’d rather create something that  everyone in the house, office or restaurant, or at the party will enjoy. We love spreading the love, and we’ll always go the extra mile to bring people together and make them feel special. Why? Because we get responses like these:

  • “I never thought my daughter would be able to eat a Twinkie.
  • “Better than the original.”
  • “Best Peanut Butter Cookie. Ever!
  • “Better than ANY gluten-filled cookie.”
  • “I am a devoted customer for life.”

What is your favorite thing about being a local business in Columbus?

Columbus is such a diverse, entrepreneurial city full of opportunity and support for small businesses.  We've received a lot of help from local organizations like Kiva Columbus (crowdfunding loans for entrepreneurs) to being recognized by the mayor in the 2017 State of the City video address.  Other small businesses are also eager to collaborate on special events and Columbus customers are really dedicated to supporting local businesses.  

What do you enjoy most about being part of the fan experience at Ohio State?

The energy in the stadium is just palpable - and since we are close to the 50 yard line on A deck, the view is just phenomenal!  We especially love being able to serve all the gluten free fans.  Gluten free people are under-served at public events, so the fans are super excited to be able to eat safely and even have a gluten free beer.  It's really about feeling included in the full OSU football experience and we are thrilled to be able to make that happen for people.

Share one fun thing people may not know about your company. 

We love our 1978 VW bus. When we get the chance, we take it around town to food festivals and special events.  If there is a VW festival near, we are there! Our bus is bright orange with our can't miss it.