Land-Grant Brewing Co.

The Land-Grant Brewing Company is a production craft brewery operating in the East Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.  Focused on creating championship-quality craft beer, they were born from a passion for painstakingly-crafted beer, powerful design, and a mid-western sports devotion.   

Founded by Ohio natives and Ohio State alums Adam Benner and Walt Keys along with Quintin Jessee, the Brewery and its adjacent taproom have been open since October of 2014. The name Land-Grant is derived from the Land-Grant College Act of 1862.


What inspired you to start your company?

Walt and I always talked about starting a company together. I was living in Chicago and started brewing beer as a hobby and Walt would design the labels. Eventually we were both tired of the corporate grind and decided it was the right time to go into business for ourselves.

What is your favorite thing about being a local business in Columbus?

As an entrepreneur I could not think of a better city to start a business. There's something here that I haven't really seen in other cities, the feeling from other business owners wanting to see you succeed and collectively wanting to see the city succeed. Columbus has gone through a lot of changes recently, I am very excited to see what's next.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the fan experience at Ohio State?

I've been going to Ohio State games since I was a little kid. There is nothing like Fall Saturdays in Columbus, it's been said that it is almost a religious experience, and I would have to agree. The atmosphere of being in the stadium, with 105,000+ fans, listening to TBDBITL, cheering on the Buckeyes gives me chills even thinking about it. And now being able to enjoy a beer we brewed, responsibly, and having that part of the game day experience is probably the biggest honor we have received since we opened the brewery.

Share one fun thing people may not know about your company.

Originally, we were called Oval Brewing Company, a nod to our favorite spot on Ohio State's campus. But, turns out there's an Austrian vodka with the same name!